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Military Procurement and Recruitment

on Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:41 pm
Military Procurement

Military Procurement refers to the manufacturing and production of military equipment - tanks, aircraft, utility vehicles, etc. both for your own nation and to sell to others. Nations can only produce military equipment that originates from your nation. Players can purchase equipment from other players or, if the original nation does not have a player you can purchase them from the admins at the base cost of the vehicle plus a 25% markup.

Equipment Production:
Creating new equipment for your forces or for sale requires both monetary investment and TGS investment to produce. The monetary cost is determined by its real-world value while its TGS cost is Unit cost / $100 million. Example, an M1 Abrams is 8.92 million, it would cost 8.92 million/ $100 million = .0892 per Abrams tank or 1 TGS = 11.21 Abrams tanks. So for $100 Million USD and 1 TGS, the US could manufacture 11 Abrams tanks per turn. Decimals are always rounded down. If the US wanted to scale up production, they could devote 100 TGS per turn to produce 1121 Abrams tanks for $1 Billion dollars. Equipment maintenance costs are factored into the soldier maintenance costs necessary to use them and so equipment maintenance does not need to be separately tracked.

Soldier Recruitment:
Soldiers are produced using two factors, equipment tier and training tier. Soldiers, no matter if they are tankers, cooks, or whatever role are produced by this method as this method averages out costs for all soldiers. Maintenance costs factor in all costs associated with the equipment, food, fuel, lodging, etc. for each soldier and the equipment they will use, this will mean that some units may seem to cost more than it should, however, the number is weighted to account for all possible units. Cost is how much it takes to first train the unit. Maintenance is quoted on a per turn basis.

Equipment Tiers:
Tier 1 - Civilian Militia: These soldiers have essentially no military gear and are, on average, outfitted with basic weapons that might be found in the private sphere and outdated weapons. These soldiers arm themselves with whatever is available and survive off their surroundings. Example: Terrorist forces, unorganized rebels
Cost: $500 USD / Soldier | 0 TGS
Maintenance: $100 USD / Turn | 0 TGS/ Turn

Tier 2 - Militia/ Guerrilla: These soldiers have some basic equipment, typically uniforms, mostly outdated military rifles, grenades, and basic communication gear. Example: Viet Cong, FARQ
Cost: $5000 USD / Soldier | 1 TGS per 10,000 soldiers
Maintenance: $1000 USD / Turn | 1 TGS per 50,000 soldiers

Tier 3 - Conscripts: Outfitted with standardized military equipment and gear albeit slightly outdated and cheaper models. Generally utilized for quantity over quality. Example: Chinese Military, North Korean Army, Saddam Era Iraqi Army
Cost: $25,000 USD / Soldier | 1 TGS per 5,000 soldiers
Maintenance: $10,000 USD / Soldier | 1 TGS per 25,000 soldiers

Tier 4 - Modern: Given the best available massed produced equipment and gear. Modern forces with the latest and greatest.
Cost: $50,000 / Soldier | 1 TGS per 1,000 soldiers
Maintenance: $30,000 USD / Soldier | 1 TGS per 10,000 soldiers

Tier 5 - Future Soldier: Equipped with largely experimental and the newest tools and equipment, these soldiers are outfitted with fighting systems - their entire warfighting capability is cutting edge.
Cost: $200,000 / Soldier | 1 TGS per 100 soldiers
Maintenance: $100,000 USD / soldier | 1 TGS per 1,000 soldiers

Training Tiers:
Tier 1 - Civilian Militia: Immediately available

Tier 2 - Militia/ Guerrilla: Available in 1 in-game month

Tier 3 - Conscripts: Available in 2 in-game months

Tier 4 - Modern: Available in 4 in-game months

Tier 5 - Future Soldier: Available in 1 in-game year

Example Unit:

Raising a new unit
Unit: 10th Infantry Brigade
Strength: 5,000
Equipment: 4
Training: 4
Cost: $250 Million USD | 5 TGS
Maintenance: $150 Million USD | .5 TGS
Training Time: 4 Months

The unit can also be referenced by: 10th Infantry Brigade [5000 4/4]
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