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Political Rules

on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:20 pm
1. Political In-Game Context
I. All new players will apply for and receive a nation, which will start with the political situation it had on january 1st 2004, the overall  in-game launch setting. From that point on, all players are free to shape and modify the political, justice, economic features of his nation using roleplaying techniques.

II. The Global Struggle Universe is defined by a mixture of real-life legislation and in-game regulations, both national and international. As a general guideline, all national and international treaties, conventions and agreements existing on january 1st 1994 are valid. All national/international agreements signed and entered in effect after such date are considered inexistant for in-game purposes. The main objective of this is to create a realistic world simulation but also giving the players enough space and manouverability to shape their nations to their liking.

The main multilateral agreements to take into account at the moment of roleplaying are:

  • Charter of the United Nations
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Geneva Convention on
  • Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Rights
  • United Nations Law of the Sea

Each player/nation starts the game with its real-life status vis-a-vis each individual Treaty, and it is their choice wheter to continue and comply to its legal obligations or to withdraw or ignore them.

III. All player and NPCs starte the game with the embassies and consulates its real-life counterpart possess. A comprehensive list is available here .

2. Interaction with NPC nations
I. Nations not currently controlled by a player will be considered "NPC's" or "Non Player Controlled Nations". Nevertheless, active nations are allowed to interact with them both diplomatic as well as military speaking. In order to do this, prior to any contact, the interested player has to submit an official request to the Moderator/Administrator team in order to have a player assigned that can take temporary contorl of said NPC.

The outcome of the interaction will be guided by the historical, cultural and political context of the relation between the nations involved.

Annexation or merging, for example, is very difficult to achieve through diplomatic means, such as it would be in real-life. Each invidividual situation will be analized and decided accordingly in order to reflect a realistic global simulation.

II. If a NPC nation is being assigned to a new player, the existing relations and deals will be reset to the start date (january 1st 2004).

3. Annexation/conquest of new territories
I. If a player controlled nation would somehow achieve control over new territory, and mantain effective control of it, it can request for said territory to be incorporated officialy to its nation sheet. This would result in the correspondent economic changes as well as the inclusion of the new spaces to be included in the game Map.
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