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Basic Rules

on Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:13 pm
We strongly suggest going through the following section before reading other sections, in order to comprehend better the mechanic of the game.

Basic Roleplay Rules
I. Global Struggle is a completely free geopolitical RPG with heavy focus on the political, economic and military aspects of running a nation. The game focuses on the development of each nation and its interactions with the rest of the "international community". A player takes control of a nation, and is entitled to manage all aspects of it, from organizing and running a government up to roleplaying the life and actions of individual characters, as long as it is someone belonging to his assigned nation.

II. The main way of playing this game is through the writing of "posts" on the different sections. These posts can contain any kind of information, spanning from domestic and international messages to developing events, individual actions etc. Your imagination is the only limit.

III. All messages between players and actions are considered to be for public knowledge unless it is expressly stated inside the post that it is not.

A message can be:

  1. Public (Default, all players/nations can see it or will know of it)
  2. Private (Only the involved players/nations have access to this information)
  3. Encrypted (Not only this message is private, but if it is intercepted by another player it has to first try to decode it to obtain the information)

Combinations of these are possible.

Standard templates to be used freely are provided in the "Templates & Others" section of the Forum.

IV. A player/nation cannot control on any way the actions carried out by a foreign government, institution, company and/or individual without the specific content of his "owner". This includes NPC nations.

V. The action of using "secret" or not available in-game information from other players for roleplaying, without having a valid justification for knowing it is called "meta-gaming". The action of controlling foreign government, institution, company, individual and/or events, is called "god-moding". Both are strictly  forbidden and the reiterated use of this illegal actions carry player sanctions that can ultimately result in a players banning.

The In-Game and Out-of-Game spheres cannot interact or affect one another under any circumstance.

Should any Dispute surrounding any of this issue arise, the players can request for a Moderator to intervene. The Moderator will evaluate the situation and apply the rules. Its decision is not appealable and final.

VI. Out-of-Game aggressions, cyber-bullying, flamming and other types of harassment are against the rules of the game and will be severily punished, including removal from the game. Since Global Struggle simulates events in real life, violence, terrorism, racism, and other potentially triggering topics will be covered and this board will not make efforts to censor them, as long as they are for the sake of true Roleplaying and are not done to intentionally inflame the community. Tha administrator and moderator team has the faculty to suspend any member that violates any of the above mentioned rules indefinitly.

Forum Sections
II. GS uses a forum a multiple threads to organize this roleplay, dividing them into sections to facilitate the browsing and overviewing.

The first, an most important section, is the "General Roleplay" area. Here the players interact with each other through public and private channels of communications using the "International Relations" thread (telephone calls, e-mail, encrypted messages, videoconferences, state visits etc.). They interact within the rooms and halls of the United Nations in that thread, release public statements or make use of the newspaper and social networks in "Media" and also carry out operations (military or civilian) and organize events of all different types.

In the second forum, "World Economy", the players focus on the commercial interaction between the nations and also work on developing their own economy in order to increase income and consequentially, influence. In "Global Economy" you will find statistics and other crucial data for the development of your nation. Other content of this forum includes a list of all active commercial deals and offers and most important: a list of all ongoing projects.

In the third "in-game" section, you will have the Nations forums. Here, in a geographical order, you will find all currently active player controlled nations. Each nation has an assigned forum, which it can freely edit and arrange to display its Armed Forces, economic development/situation or political scenarios. There are no limits here.

Finally, you will find some other sections, like Maps and Templates. In Maps you will see a regularly updated map, containing all active players and their respective nations, including the territories gained and lost. In Templates, you will find basic templates to be used by the players to send messages, arrange its armed forces among others.
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